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Not all films have a happy ending.
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Milos, a retired porn star, leads a normal family life trying to make ends meet. Presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to financially support his family for the rest of their lives, Milos must participate in one last mysterious film. From then on, Milos is drawn into a maelstrom of unbelievable cruelty and mayhem.

Title : Srpski film (srpski-film_2010)
Release Date : June 16, 2010
Genres: Horror, Crime, Thriller,
Production Co.: Contra Film
Production Countries: Serbia
Director: Srđan Spasojević, Marija Stanošević,
Writers: , ,
Casts : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords: male nudity, female nudity, pornography, rape, sex, sadistic, sexual abuse, underworld, pedophilia, perversity, mask, masochism, machete, sadism, necrophilia, insanity, sadomasochism, porno star, blood splatter, murder, independent film, gore, antisocial personality disorder, blood, statutory rape, painful sex, plot twist, sexual violence, atrocity, sadist, brutality, violence, rage, masked man, splatter, sexual sadism, pervert, incest, death, madness, rough sex, penis, evil, psychotic, masochist, bdsm, macabre, sickness, snuff films, rape of a child, meta film,
Alternative Titles:
  • 세르비안 필름 - [KR]
  • Serbskiy film - [RU]
  • A Serbian Film - [US]

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