Filmography of Russell Yuen

1998The Lost WorldAzbek
1998The Lost WorldMyar
2003Bulletproof MonkBrother Tenzin
2001Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534Roger Lee
1997Snowboard AcademySonjai
1998The Red ViolinOlder Ming (Montréal)
2002Long Life, Happiness & ProsperityAlvin Ng
1996Hawk's VengeanceYoon
2012Look AgainCSI Official
2000The HustleGordon Chan
2013Nicky DeuceOscar the Undertaker
2002Les DangereuxLuck Foo
1996ConundrumDennis Kye
2014Midnight SunAsian Doctor
2004The Day After TomorrowHideki, Japanese Astronaut
2000Possible WorldsPolice Officer
2008War Games: The Dead CodeDavid Chen
2010The Cutting Edge: Fire & IceMr. Wan
2003The Human StainChinese Waiter
2013Happy SlappingTiki's Father
2012LazyboyHomme qui pleure
2016ArrivalChinese Scientist
1999Eye of the BeholderFederal Agent #1
2001Pressure PointSam Lee
1999A Touch of HopeJon Tan
2017Taken Too FarDetective Nada