Filmography of Ian McElhinney

2004OmaghStanley McCombe
2010Leap YearPriest
2008City of EmberBuilder
1998Hornblower: The Examination for LieutenantCaptain Hammond
2003Hornblower: LoyaltyCaptain Hammond
2010An Old Fashioned ChristmasSean
1996The Boy from MercuryBrother Dowdall
The GrasscutterBrian Deeds
2015A Patch of Fog
1990Who Bombed Birmingham?Sinn Fein leader
1998Touch and Go
1996Small Faces
2013Wodehouse In ExileMajor Cussen
2016SacrificeD.I. McKie
1982AngelThe Groom
1990Hidden AgendaJack Cunnigham
1988Reefer and the Model
1987A Prayer for the DyingLodger
2010Make it New JohnJohn
1996Michael CollinsBelfast Detective
2016The Truth CommissionerJames Fenton
1990The Lilac BusBilly
2016Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryGeneral Dodonna
2017Bad Day for the CutEamon
2011Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of TrustAbbot Smith
1992You, Me & MarleyReggie Devine
1995Life After LifeWorking out governor
2017LandgerichtReverend William
2001Hornblower: RetributionCaptain Hammond
2017The JourneyRory O'Suaird
1995Hearts and MindsAlex
The End of the World ManArchitect