Filmography of Fred Tatasciore

2009Hulk vs. WolverineHulk (voice)
2016Hulk: Where Monsters DwellHulk (voice) / Countdown (voice)
2009Hulk vs. ThorHulk
2013Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes UnitedThe Hulk (voice)
2014We Wish You a Merry WalrusCaptain Rockhopper
2016Overwatch Animated Short: HeroSoldier 76
2015Monster Beach PartyCaptain Rockhopper
2009Hulk Vs.Hulk
2016Little Big AwesomeGluko / Kitty Num Nums (voice)
2013LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum OverloadHulk
2013Our New Electrical MoralsBusiness Cat / Delta Blues Crooner
2015Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!
2013Tokyo GoSumo Wrestler
2014Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes UnitedThe Hulk (voice)
2011Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (Good Croc, Bad Croc)Shifu / Gah-ri / Rhino Guard #1 / Rhino Guard #2 (voice)
2008Dragonlance: Dragons Of Autumn TwilightFlint Fireforge / Fewmaster Toede (voice)
2009Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!Mr. Bloomsberry (voice)
2016Rescue DogsHambone (voice)
2016LEGO Jurassic World: Indominus Escape
2017Biohazard: VendettaDiego Gomez (voice)
200998 (voice)
2011Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness 1 : The Scorpion StingShifu
2015Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the PastRocksteady / Triceraton Soldier #1 / Lt. Zorg (voice)
2009Garfield's Fun FestBilly Bear / Junior Bear (voice)
2008Next Avengers: Heroes of TomorrowHulk
2007Doctor StrangeOliver
2015Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the PastRocksteady / Triceraton Soldier #1 / Lt. Zorg
2009Bionicle: The Legend RebornTuma
2006El Mascarado MassacreEl Mascarado
2012Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue FalconJack Rabble / Cruel Dynomutt
2011LEGO Hero Factory: Savage PlanetWitch Doctor
2015Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster MadnessHudson Baron (voice)
2006Ultimate AvengersThe Hulk
2006Ultimate Avengers 2The Hulk
2010Marvel Super Heroes 4DHulk
2015Halloween Panic!Blooky
2016Batman: The Killing JokeCarny Owner (voice)
2016Bilal: A New Breed of HeroCharlatan Priest (voice)
2017Captain Underpants: The First Epic MovieMr. Meaner (voice)
2015LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled!Hulk
2017Justice League DarkGhast (voice)
2012Superman vs. The ElitePerry White (voice)
2005Star Wars: Clone Wars (Volume 2)Qui-Gon Jinn / Oppo Rancisis
2014Scooby-Doo! FrankencreepyFrankencreep (voice)
2010LEGO Hero Factory: Rise of the RookiesThunder (voice)
2017Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for MewniBuffrog (voice)
2011Hellraiser: RevelationsFaceless Steven
2012The OutbackCutter (voice)
2015Regular Show: The MovieFather Time / Security Guard / Timenado Mechanic / Willy / News Reporter
2007Dead SilenceClown (voice)
2014The BoxtrollsClocks / Specs (voice)
2007TMNTGeneral Gato (voice)
2014Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania MysteryThe Bear
2008Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaTeetsi / Poacher #1 / Elephant (voice)
2006BarnyardFarmer (voice)
2016Kung Fu Panda 3Master Bear (voice)
2016DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero HighKiller Croc / Percy (voice)
2010Batman: Under the Red HoodMercenary #1 / Amazo / Guard (voice)
2017Power RangersGoldar (voice)
2016The Huntsman: Winter's WarMirror Man
2011Batman: Year OneDetective Flass / Johnny Vitti
2016The Angry Birds MovieMonty Pig (voice)
2011Kung Fu Panda 2Panda Dad / Gorilla Guard 2 (voice)
2006Charlotte's WebSheep Group (voice)
2014Planes: Fire & RescueAdditional Voices (voice)
2013FrozenAdditional Voices (voice)
2012Wreck-It RalphAdditional Voices (voice)
2016Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryStormtrooper
2015Star Wars: The Force AwakensNiima Scavenger / Forest Stormtrooper (voice)
2013Star Trek Into DarknessAdditional Voices (voice)